Harder Better Faster Stronger

So I’ve been on a Daft Punk kick of sorts and coincidentally a workout kick, too. Is there anyone better to workout to? Don’t answer… I know it’s a personal preference. But indulge me for however long it takes you to read this post. By the way, Daft Punk’s new album is supposed to drop on May 21.

Spin and kickboxing are my favorite classes at the gym, but tandem cycling is taking things to new heights. It’s a dramatically more fun way to move your muscles. And make some friends, it turns out (like super speedy Jimmy Johns delivery boys, bike riding hipsters, laughing drivers passing by in their cars, etc.). Inspired by some perspiration and groundbreaking techno tunes, I’ve compiled a workout wishlist.

harderbetterfasterstrongerLululemon vinyasa to vino bag. Adidas by Stella McCartney run performance zip hoodie. Nike free… all of them. I WANT THEM ALL! Nike relay print women’s capri. Unit-Y shuffle tank. Twistband printed cool chevron set.

Listen while you shop/jog, but not both at once:

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