All the World’s a Stage: Dear Fellow Traveler

Last week, I traveled up to Savannah, Ga. to visit my little sister for the weekend, which happened to also be Easter weekend, so that was lovely! Thursday night, we went to the Sea Wolf show that was part of the Savannah Music Festival. First, let me say that Sea Wolf was amazing live and if you can go see them… DO IT. And buy their album, because it’s incredible. They’re one of the best sounding and most attractive bands around. OK, I sound like a creep for that last part, but I can’t like lie about it. No take-backs.

Back to the point, my sister has a unique style. Clothes is personal for her, from a style perspective and as a Fibers major at SCAD. So below is what she wore to our fun night out to see Sea Wolf:

Alyssa for Sea WolfShe’s wearing eggplant skinny jeans, a cozy grey sweater and rockin’ leather jacket. Isn’t she the cutest?

Alyssa Sea Wolf Arm PartyOh, and homegirl knows how to throw an arm party. Recognize the turquoise cross bracelet? I told you it was a sisterly solidarity thing!!!! The leather strap bracelet is engraved with “creo” which means “believe” in Spanish. The arm party reflects the girl: her beliefs and her aesthetic. She’s has a laid back, slightly earthy style with some edge and streaks of random quirkiness.

IMG_0422And how cute are these tan oxford-esque flats? I know she won’t let me borrow them (wide feet problems), so I’ll have to get my own. They’re Dolce Vita.

Sample a little Sea Wolf here:

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