Forever Young

Whether you wore her bright, printed shift dresses every Spring, grew to love pearls and preppy style over time or prefer your clothes sans hiding animals and floral arrangements, you can’t help but respect Lilly Pulitzer. The iconic designer and dream-chaser died today at 81, but her story will never fade. It stands as an inspiration to women, designers, entrepreneurs and anyone with a dream.

Keep Calm and Lilly On

A graphic I made in 2011 for the Lilly Pulitzer boutique where I worked.

Wearing Lilly is something I got into right before college. After I joined a sorority, everything I owned was either Lilly Pulitzer or monogrammed. Or both. My style has changed, but my ties to Lilly have only grown deeper. My first retail job, styling gig, and social media manager job was all for a Lilly Pulitzer boutique in my college town. I always loved fashion, but Lilly inspired me to see it as a career.


My favorite. A photo of Lilly and Peter Pulitzer in 1963. Courtesy of Essentially Lilly: A Guide to Colorful Entertaining.

Thank you, Lilly. For living out your dreams and inspiring so many to do the same.


Here I am wearing a precious Lilly Pulitzer dress in my sorority’s colors on Bid Day, Fall 2010.

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