Throwback Thursday: Jane Seymour

My best friend and I are currently in the middle of a James Bond marathon. Not all at once —that’s an undertaking I can not recommend after Googling how many James Bond movies there are. There are 23, by the way.

Perhaps better known by my generation for her “Open Heart” collection at Kay Jewelers, (you’ve seen the commercials…) Jane Seymour starred alongside Roger Moore in the 1973 film Live and Let Die. Her looks blew me away (pun always intended…I mean, this is James Bond).


Of course, I couldn’t get over how impractical it was to be wearing heels and a bright orange tunic (not shown, but Google it, the look was chic) when you’re on the run for cover in a field of poppy seeds that are not just outside Emerald City.


Let’s pause for a moment of self-reflection, however. When we look good (and know it), don’t you think it gets noticed more? So maybe Solitaire (Jane’s card-reading character) just couldn’t help being fabulous and standing out. Maybe for her and for us, blending in just isn’t in our cards.

And of course, here’s the movie’s theme song, written by Paul and Linda McCartney and performed by their band Wings:

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