Throwback Thursday: The Supremes

The concept of women in menswear looks isn’t new, but it still feels fresh. You can’t argue against a tailored blazer. I guess you can, actually, but you’d lose.

I admit, it was a (pleasant) surprise to see super group The Supremes sporting this style. Aside from their chart topping tunes, they were known for perfectly coiffed hair, sparkling pumps and glamorous, matchy-matchy dresses with sequins, chiffon, fur… you name it! Somehow that femininity carries over in these skirt suits. Interesting. Let’s discuss…


The pencil skirt and pump are expected — from the waist down, these could be any women today. The takeaway piece is really jacket; it’s the wow factor. Cropping the sleeve and allowing the shirt to peek out has an element of coolness to it. It takes the stuffiness out of the suit. And ties on women…when isn’t that fun?

Sure, they’re costumes, but how many times does that influence how we dress everyday? And vice versa? I think artists and fans mutually inspire each other’s style.

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