Young and Beautiful

The anticipation for The Great Gatsby’s release is so furiously growing, that for Baz Luhrmann’s sake I’m glad it’s coming out this month! The hype surrounding this film is unreal, and really it’s not just about the film. It’s also about the costumes Miuccia Prada helped design for the women and Brooks Brothers for the men, the jewelry designed by Tiffany & Co. and the soundtrack compiled by Jay-Z. This movie is one ginormous collaboration.

Let’s take a beat on the soundtrack. Artists include The XX, Lana Del Rey, Florence + the Machine and of course the Mrs. herself, Beyoncé covering Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black with André 3000. Turn up this track by Lana Del Ray and just envision Prada dresses floating through midair. Or don’t, but then that’s your loss.

prada-costume-sketches-great-gatsbyMiuccia Prada’s sketches for Carey Mulligan’s costumes are beautiful. Truly frame-worthy. But since we can’t all afford Prada in our closets, I picked out some dresses I’m sure Daisy would still don.

great-gatsby-inspired-dressesFrock and Frill; Frock and Frill; Topshop; Frock and Frill; Parker

Last but not least, let’s briefly discuss the gems of GG. Tiffany & Co. knocked this one out of the park. Sure, fashion is cyclical, but this isn’t just an updated nod to the past. It’s today’s true homage to 20s opulence. And did you see the party threw to unveil the 5th Avenue flagship store’s Gatsby-inspired windows? Google it. ASAP. (Kate Hudson nailed it that night, wearing the color of the evening…)

gerat-gatsby-tiffany-jewelsHere’s a taste of the Tiffany & Co. collection. Stunning as it is, I’m a baller on a budget. So I think I’ll settle for the ASOS number for a cool $25:

asos_headband_great_gatsbySo are you pumped yet?! I’m totally to wearing my Out of Print Great Gatsby sweatshirt to the movie. #NerdAlert

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