Music Monday: Aloe Blacc

Aloe Blacc’s song I Need a Dollar played during the opening credits to HBO’s How To Make It In America. I love the song and the show, (and Bryan Greenberg) but sadly it was canceled.

This song has an old school vibe and is from Blacc’s 2010 album Good Things. The lyrics move me. This song kicks off one of my favorite playlists, Jogging Through Bushwick. It reminds me of just that, jogging through Brooklyn or walking to work in Manhattan. I don’t know if the show has anything to do with that (probably).

Fun fact: on the same album Aloe Blacc covered the Velvet Underground’s Femme Fatale. So soulful. So rad.

ben-epstein-1024 For your viewing pleasure, here’s a shot of Bryan playing Ben Epstein on How To Make It In America. Homeboy likes a good leather jacket. After a quick study of his style, he gravitates heavily to casual comfort, versus the buttoned up suit and tie. Guys, if you’re completely clueless as to style, take note of this simple and easy layering technique. Adding a leather jacket that fits well will always make you look cool. Unless it has like Harley Davidson patches and fringe. Leave that at the thrift shop.

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