The High Road

Can you see the controversy?!

20130517-102755.jpgI was innocently perusing the latest addition to H&M’s music festival collection and then stumbled upon this white bustier. Are you catching my drift yet?! Maybe? No?

Here’s a hint:

HBZ-May-Newsstand-CoverNo, Harper’s Bazaar didn’t don Gwyneth Paltrow in the same duds anyone with 20 bucks to spare could find and slap it on the cover. She’s in Nicolas Ghesquière for Balenciaga. We’re talking about controversial copying (hence the tunage I paired with this post for irony, The High Road by Broken Bells. Great song.)


I know, I know. This happens all the time. I’m being a touch dramatic (although with its connotations, I usually prefer theatric). Nasty Gal just did it. Their Vicious tote looks identical to Givenchy’s Rottweiler Antigona tote. After major social media flak, they took it off their website.

As consumers and producers, the lines may blur. Inspiration is a beautiful thing, but don’t get it twisted with copying. There are obvious differences, aside from quality, between the H&M and the Balenciaga bustiers. Even with those differences, is it right? The penny pincher in me empathizes for anyone who wants great fashion and can’t afford it, but is that just cause?

I vote no. But I want to hear what you think. Are there other products you’ve seen mass produced that look eerily like designer duds? Spill.

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