New Shoes

The song and sentiment are vastly underrated. I’m talking about new shoes. OK, maybe the sentiment isn’t. Ask any shopaholic: man, woman or child. They’ll tell you that new shoes are life-changing. It may be a justification to go shopping, but I’m a firm believer in the practice of retail therapy. Enter stage right: Fiel.

milos-251bigIn my ongoing journey, nay, ongoing quest to find new and exciting things to buy along came Fiel, a footwear line by Los Angeles designer Alice Gu. My heart skips a beat when I look at her beautifully crafted leather sandals, heels and boots.

fiel-sandals-blackI’m currently in the market for sandals, and helloooo Summertime is just around the river bend. I can’t help but ogle at Fiel’s gorgeous footwear. It’s perfect for those seldom moments when I can’t be barefoot in the sand. I can’t wait to get my pair – I’ll undoubtedly ‘gram them, so keep an eye out.

padang-252bigGive Paolo Nutini’s song a listen. It’s my instant good mood song. Partially because I think about buying news shoes…

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