Throwback Thursday: Keith Richards + Family

20130523-133640.jpgThis is a family with style. Keef (his beloved nickname, chanted by thousands of fans at Stones shows) and company have a laid back look. They’re effortlessly cool. Between the mix of patterns and prints in this photo from Vogue’s August 2011 issue, there’s so much fun and inspiration.

Before I realized who the Stones were (yes, there was a time I thought the Spice Girls were the end-all-be-all. That changed, but I’ll always love them…) I was introduced to Theodora and Alexandra Richards via Lucky Magazine in the early 2000s. So early that I can’t locate the issue in my personal archives or online!

From the moment I flipped through their feature about style and how they pair hand-me-downs from mom with Valentino and market finds (I have a sharp memory, huh?), I could sense a mien of cool around the sisters. They didn’t take style to seriously.

I think style should always be fun and always pair well with rock n roll. And that doesn’t automatically mean leather—look to family portrait above for reference.

One of Keith Richards’ best riffs:

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