Little Black Submarines

My best friend, Taylor, and I went to see The Black Keys and The Flaming Lips in Atlanta. It was a graduation present to ourselves and one last collegiate adventure! The show was phenomenal. We like both bands, but we’re massively obsessed with The Black Keys. Once we heard those familiar chords, we bopped up and down and sang every lyric. It was a magical way to celebrate four years of friendship and many more to come!

the-black-keys-atlantaWe both unintentionally stuck to a similar color palette. There was a little black, white and pink in the mix. Due to the rain, we have no cute photos to share with you, being that our rain jackets covered up the outfits we carefully curated in our dressing room aka a rest stop bathroom (like I said, collegiate adventure).

black-keys-outfits-lauren-taylorLauren: Kate Spade earrings, Clinque Chubby Stick in Mega Melon; Michael Kors sequin striped top, Express skirt; Cambridge Satchel Company satchel; H&M sandals.

Taylor: River Island pink peplum top, Fossil watch in rose gold; Victoria Beckham white skinny jeans; Steve Madden sandals.

Check out my Vine of The Black Keys playing Everlasting Light. They had such a great set, I wanted to Vine it all. They even played some stuff from Thickfreakness, one of their earlier and grittier albums (buying it on vinyl was one of my best decisions).

Tay and I went WILD during Little Black Submarines. It’s definitely her favorite song, whereas I can’t pick one because it’s like picking a favorite child, which I also hear is impossible.

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