The Rock Show

Attending concerts and shows is my personal past time, followed closely by collecting concert tees. Genre, venue, year—doesn’t matter. I love them all equally for the memories they incite once I put them on.

rolling stones concert teeFavorite Rolling Stones tee.

rolling stones shirt and beats by dreDetails of what I wore with said Rolling Stones tee.

Pink Floyd Shirt SelfiePretend this isn’t a duck face selfie for a minute and appreciate the Dark Side of the Moon.


Madonna Virgin Tour 1985 Concert TeeMom’s tee from Madonna’s 1985 Virgin Tour.

Nasty Gal sells vintage concert tees, for those of you trying to get the look and willing to splurge on the real thing. It can be a pricey hobby, collecting good quality vintage concert tees, but they’re the raddest substitute for a plain black v-neck. Just do yourself (and the world) a favor and at least know a few songs and a little bit about the band on the shirt you buy.

Nasty Gal vintage concert teesAnd for your listening pleasure while you online shop for vintage, some Blink-182. I guess if you can’t actually be the girl at the rock show, the next best thing is buying a shirt from the rock show.

On a related note, I’m still kicking myself for not buying a shirt from Warped Tour ’07.

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