Swagga Like Us

Background info: I was working and listening to M.I.A. on Spotify when it all came back to me, Celine Dion style: M.I.A. is a M.O.M. How could I forget that insane live performance of Swagga Like Us during the 2009 Grammy’s??? I don’t think I ever will…

That performance will always have a place in my heart, mainly because M.I.A. is 9 months pregnant (fact, I swear) and rocking it outttttt on that stage with the illest “rap pack” around. She already had a killer rep, but singing sandwiched between Jay-Z, Kanye, Lil Wayne and T.I. solidified her reign as queen of cool in my eyes.

MIA at 2009 grammys pregnant polka dots

Her super spherical monochromatic ladybug look inspires me, years later. Here are my favorite black and white polka dotted pieces that will make you look more M.I.A. than Minnie Mouse. Because let’s be real, there’s a lot of juvenile looking spotted stuff out there right now, and I ain’t buying it.

black and white polka dot clothes and accessoriesUrban Outfitters bikini top and bottom; Dolce & Gabbana belt; Keds sneakers, Kate Spade watch, Topshop satchel; Zara shirt, Steve Madden sunglasses; Emma Cook skirt

If there was ever an occasion to drop the mic…. Am I right?!

MIA Kanye West TI Jay-Z Lil Wayne grammys swagger like usRelive the magic below:

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